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Self-Help Selfie

Happy Monday!

Last week I blogged about meeting Jayne Cox and how we are working to combine her words and my drawings to help others.  Jayne wrote a lovely blog to explain how our combined talents are a great fit, hurrah!

Whilst we were chatting, we stumbled upon the subject of self-help. I don’t know about you but you can tell a LOT about me from my self-help library!!  Mine is mostly collecting dust in the bookcase… and I confess to never even reading about half of them.  I’ve got a whole collection of productivity hacks, cures for procrastination, food and mood advice, stress management cures, how to be happier….. you name it, I’ve probably at least glanced at it.  Although I found (some of) them useful, most of them have been a waste of time and money.  Is it just me?!

My gloriously un-scientific, common-sense approach to self-help books...

My gloriously un-scientific, common-sense approach to self-help books…

All the self-help in the world couldn’t help me to be productive until I decided MYSELF that I could get stuff done.  I think my creativity awakened when I got out and explored what was happening Out There for myself….. and reading the works of really inspirational Do-ers out there (e.g. this book by Austin Kleon, still my absolute fave.) who have stopped thinking about things and started just DOING them.

I’m actually quite happy. Turns out I didn’t need a book to teach me!

So…. here’s my #selfhelpSelfie which I’ll share on Twitter too.  Care to share yours?  What’s the best (or worst) self-help book you’ve got lurking there somewhere?!

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