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An Open Letter To Visual Thinkers Everywhere

summercamp swing

Hello dear friends,

Two weeks from today, I will be in the beautiful Sussex countryside at the hotly anticipated Happy Startups School ‘Summercamp’. To say I am excited is an understatement – I’ve been a massive fan of Laurence, Carlos & friends for over a year now and regulars will recall that my bunting-adorned Twitter cover picture was drawn at their Summercamp event last year.

This year, they’re going all-out to curate an amazing whole weekend of inspired talks, workshops and experiences – and I am proud to be bringing a little bit of visual goodness into the mix.

My workshop is called ‘Hack Your Life With Visual Thinking’.  In short, I hope to share the many ways that drawing, doodles and creativity can help you have a better, more fulfilled life.  There’s SO much to cover: how drawing can help your concentration, your memory, help you to understand things better and explain ideas to others, help you relax….. I’ve made drawings an integral part of my working life and I know that many others have done similar.

And that’s where YOU, wonderful visual thinkers of the world, come in!  I’m making a collage of YOUR beautiful ideas and taking it with me to Summercamp to share with everyone.  Hurrah!

If you are a visual thinker, sketchnoter, scribbler, scribe, doodler, graphic recorder, designer, whatever…. I would like to invite you to draw me a picture to answer at least ONE of the following questions:

1. How has drawing / sketchnoting / doodling changed your life?


2. How does visual thinking help you, specifically in your business / work-life?
(Attendees are likely to be new or recent startup businesses & entrepreneurs…)


3. For #todaysdoodle participants, how has drawing regularly helped you?


You have one week, please send me your thoughts by Friday 12 Sept. Get drawing!!!  You can email them to me ( or tweet me @clairehol.


Small print:
I will only use your pictures for the purposes of this workshop plus I will take some nice photos of the collage while I’m there to share in a future blog post.  By submitting a picture, you agree to me using your work in this way.  Please feel free to incorporate your name, website or twitter handle on your drawing so that folk can get in touch with you, because they’re bound to LOVE your work :).  I’ll be printing on to A4 white paper.  Anonymous drawings are also welcomed, but please submit them via email and make sure I know you want your work to be anonymous.  Thank you x



  1. Happy fall 🙂 I think the key that stirs you away from depression during the post-summer period is the new decisions!

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