Creativity and communications for people and projects.

Once upon a time, I was a Project Manager.  I managed all sorts of projects, including large IT systems redevelopments, delivery of central Government food policy and lots of sustainability communications projects.  I’ve written countless action plans, delivery schedules, initiation documents and various reports for lots of different people.  I have been trained in formal project management methodologies, ran meetings, presented at meetings, written the minutes for meetings, hurried-people-up in meetings and made the tea at meetings.  I’ve organised workshops, delivered exciting (but also dull) workshop sessions to large groups of people. I’ve nipped out to buy the biscuits, cleared the table, moved the chairs and had trouble getting the projector to work too…..

I have to confess that I have done a lot of work in my time and most of this particular work, I didn’t enjoy.  And since having children, well….. er…… actually it’s about the same sort of thing, just for two little people who are even more demanding than any of my previous Bosses.

In reality, from all of the experience that has come before now, the bits I excel at are the talking, the sharing ideas, the oh-my-goodness-we-could-do-THIS! lightbulb moments.  I love the enthusiastic scribbling, the bringing people together and getting everyone excited about an Exciting New Idea….

I use my experience of the Formal Stuff at the top of the page to help guide my work nowadays, which is much more fun. I can help you in two ways:

1. Attending your workplace

Invite me along to your team meeting, conference or workshop and I’ll bring my big sheets of paper, a lot of marker pens and my head full of ideas.  You can talk and I can chip in with my thoughts too and help you come up with an amazing action plan that’ll look pretty cool hung on the office wall.  (If you like this idea, but without the action planning, you might want to check out my drawing page…)

2. Tuition and support, one-to-one

You might be one person looking for some help and support on an individual basis – I offer one to one tailored support to help you get to grips with your project, whatever that might be.  We can create the same buzzy, exciting action planning wonderfulness and leave you with a workable plan of action to get you up and running with any of the following:

– starting your business
– learning about using the internet, social media, blogging etc.
– being more creative in every day life
– kickstarting your project and Getting Things Moving, AKA ‘No More Excuses, I Am Going To Do This’!

The first step is to think of something you’d like help with.  The second step is to give me a call or drop me a tweet to tell me all about it.  Let’s get this YOUR show on the road!!