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‘Live’ drawing, or graphic recording: this is what I do…

There are lots of excellent explanations of graphic recording on the internet… examples of others’ work and all sorts of other names for what I do (think ‘graphic facilitation’, ‘sketchnotes’, ‘visual notetaking’ etc). Here is my own explanation:

What do you actually do?

I offer graphic recording, occasionally with a little bit of facilitation too if it’s required. The ‘graphic’ bit refers to me drawing some pictures, diagrams or doodles at your discussion or event, to capture the essence of what is being discussed. The ‘facilitation’ bit refers to me being more involved in your conversation in addition to the graphics – if you would like me to. (I can get really involved and offer coaching and support too, take a look at the Kickstart Your Project page if you’re interested in more of this…)

The discussion might be a conversation, a presentationworkshop or conference day.  It might also be a live Twitter hashtag discussion, where I capture the discussions in real time although I’m obviously not present with the speakers and there is no physical event to attend.

A sample of some of the finished drawings

I recently wrote some more info on graphic recording on a blog post here.

Often, having a completely un-biased outsider present at your events can be helpful and I am very happy to bring my experience into your conversation. My background covers sustainability, social enterprise, community project startups, social media, information technology, central government and public sector…. I love being creative and can often help to give new direction to business conversations.

What are the benefits?

I can help you to:
– engage with your audience
– have more productive conversations
– produce some unique artwork, tailored to your needs
– get your ideas out to a bigger audience
– ensure your message is more clearly understood
– use my network of contacts to promote the finished drawings

What is produced?

This depends totally on your event and what you need. Usually I will draw one or more large picture(s) and you will get to keep these at the end of the session, although I will take digital photographs of the work away with me which I can provide you copies of.

What does the client need to supply?

For large drawings, I need a flat wall surface on which to temporarily stick a large roll of paper (up to. 4ft high and 6ft+ wide). The wall needs to be totally flat, i.e. no ridges, bumps, lumps or window frames… I have worked using a series of flipchart boards before but this would result in several separate pictures (flipchart-sized) instead of all-in-one.

I am equally happy to work as small as A4 on my lap, so can usually fit into even the smallest meeting space :) Don’t let size of venue or discussion put you off – bringing my visuals into your work space can be helpful, whatever the situation.

I supply all of the necessary paper and drawing materials. I will ask you some questions about your event, your organisation and the likely agenda for your event in order to help me prepare what I’ll need.

How much does it cost?

Not as expensive as you might think! Please get in touch for a quote – this will depend on the location, duration and the outputs you’d like me to produce. You should budget approximately £500 for a full day’s drawing, which includes preparatory discussions, via Skype, telephone or in person, plus any research and a whole heap of post-event publicity.

I love to work for interesting people and fantastic projects so please do contact me if you really want my services but feel the finances might be a barrier. I am totally up for discussing creative ways of working, crowdfunding etc. and there often ways and means of getting things done.

Can I see examples of your work?

Absolutely. Please look around my website for recent work or view my flickr albums to get a good idea of what I’ve been working on. Do get in touch if there’s a particular thing you’re looking for and I can point you in the right direction.

I want to try it! How do I contact you?

Great! Here are my contact details.