Creativity and communications for people and projects.

I like to help people see their words as pictures – bringing exciting visual content to your conversation, whether that’s just a couple of people discussing ideas or a large presentation in front of hundreds. I also produce illustrations for people, businesses and organisations who use my drawings to explain their ideas or promote their business.  My drawings are deliberately simple in style and convey meaning in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

I offer two distinct drawing services: LIVE vs. OFFLINE

LIVE drawing / Graphic Recording:

Not to be confused with Life Drawing!

I offer graphic recording, which is where I draw some pictures, diagrams or doodles at your event, to capture the essence of what is being discussed, live – as the discussion takes place. The discussion might be a conversation, a presentation, workshop or conference day.  It might also be a live Twitter hashtag discussion, where I capture the discussions in real time although I’m obviously not present with the speakers and there is no physical event to attend.

I can help you to:
– engage with your audience
– have more productive conversations
– produce some unique artwork, tailored to your needs
– get your ideas out to a bigger audience
– ensure your message is more clearly understood
– use my network of contacts to promote the finished drawings

More details about the benefits and costs of graphic recording and the service I offer can be found on my Graphic Recording page.

OFFLINE drawing – Commissions:

In exactly the same way as the live drawing, I can also take your ideas and messages away with me and produce some offline illustrations or graphics for your project, business or discussion.  Previous clients have used drawings for business promotional material, business cards, flyers, website images and discussion pieces for future work with their own clients.

More details about the benefits and costs of my offline drawing and graphics can be found on the Commission a Drawing page.