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Build your scaffolding.

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Everyone needs scaffolding.

For some, it might be rigid routine and knowing what they’re doing and when.  For others, it’s surrounding themselves with the things that they love…. making their spaces inspiring and rewarding and perfect for them.  Maybe it’s the people you mix with, who you hang out with, those who lift you up, lighten the load and push you ever forward with light wings and a smile on your face.

I had a conversation today that lifted me.  It was a kindred spirit, someone who understands me 100% and who I totally respect.  It was someone who – if I’m being honest – surprised me with words of support when I wasn’t expecting it.  They offered me such wise words of encouragement, without prompt or prejudice.  Words that meant so much – “you are wonderful” they said.  I felt buoyed up by their kindness and encouraged beyond belief.

The value of having those people around us who “get” us is immeasurable (whether face-to-face or virtual).  They nurture our confidence, wrap it in hand-crocheted blankets, and allow us to be our true selves in an enormous and amazing world.

Find those folk.  Treasure them. Encourage them back, because they’re friggin’ awesome too.


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