Creativity and communications for people and projects.

Hello there & welcome to my little part of the interweb.  Feel free to wander around and learn more about what I do. If you’ve got a project or an idea, I’d love to hear about it and see if I can help you get things moving… If you’ve got an event or workshop coming up and you’d like me to explain how graphic recording can help you, give me a shout… Or maybe you’re curious to find out more about blogging, using social media or you know someone who could benefit from a kindly lesson or two to help them, I would be delighted to have a chat. Get in touch!

After years of a ‘normal’ job and then becoming Mummy to two little darlings, I found myself returning to work and struggling to balance a busy job with being a domestic goddess, as expected of me (or so I thought).  As time wore on, things got tougher until I felt like I couldn’t really excel at anything.  I felt like I couldn’t manage my way out of a paper bag & got myself into a bit of a state.

I had *always* dreamed of working for myself, of being creative & of sharing ideas with the world.  I believe passionately in the spirit of sustainability, of Nature and of working together with other likeminded people to make the World a better place to be.

For quite a while, I let my own self-sabotage persuade me that my ambitions wouldn’t come true and that I couldn’t possibly jump ship from my traditional job and try something NEW.


I grabbed an opportunity for redundancy from my job and took a GROWN UP GAP YEAR.  I spent a whole year off work, looking after my children and working hard with my husband to complete a much-needed extension on our little house.  I did some thinking, some planning and a lot of doodling, trying to come up with what I love to do and what I wanted to be ‘when I grow up’.  I did a fair bit of learning and training along the way and I started to put everything together, piece by piece.

– I realised that I love to help people.

– I knew that I wanted to run a business in a people- and planet-friendly way.

– I hoped for the chance to network with new people, who were also creative and who would push me and encourage me to keep going.

– I longed to express my creativity through pictures and to see where that took me.

– I realised that I could use all of the skills & experience I had learned in my varied previous jobs and apply them to my own venture.

In October 2012, after some very inspiring and challenging times, I took the plunge and started working for myself.  I now work with the most amazing people, helping them to visualise their own goals and projects, providing them with 1:1 tuition to get them online, helping them to make the most of social media and drawing pictures to show the world their ideas in a different way.

When I’m not drawing, looking after children, talking non-stop or drinking coffee, you can find me browsing Twitter, taking long walks in the fresh air and generally smiling 🙂

Be happy. Do what you love.

I admit to having consumed far too many of these in my lifetime.

You can usually find me chasing after these two gorgeous little people.

I always have a notepad handy to write ideas down. Can’t say I’ve managed to do *all* of these regularly yet….

I work in lots of different places… including when it’s just me at the kitchen table!

Pretending to be aeroplanes. Obviously.